Over 250 atlas blocks assigned!

It is just over a week since the atlas web site was launched and the response from the state’s birding community has been overwhelming (in a good way).

We currently have volunteers for 252 of the 601 atlas blocks, almost 42 percent, with additions every day.  At the current rate, we should have a clear majority of the blocks assigned by the time breeding starts in earnest.  The map below shows all the assigned blocks in black (to see the most recent update go here, and click the “Show Closed Blocks” button).  If you live or regularly go birding in one of the open blocks, feel comfortably identifying most of the common birds in the state, and can commit to spending a few mornings birding in that area over the next three years, then please consider taking on the assignment.  If you can’t make that commitment, then we’d still love to have your observations of any breeding birds you find.