Download the Summer Bird Count circle map

Last week, I wrote about the ways in which people conducting Summer Bird Counts this month can also contribute data to the atlas project.  To provide additional help to determine how blocks relate to count circles, we have produced a downloadable Google Earth (.kml) file, which shows the SBC circles.  If you have Google Earth on your phone and have already downloaded the data layer showing the block boundaries, you can add this layer to see how they overlap.

Instructions on how to download the block boundary map can be found on the atlas web site here.

Click on these links to download the block boundary map and the Summer Bird Count circle map.

One small mea culpa.  Unfortunately, I only have access to the coordinate information for count circles in New England, and this set does not include the New Milford/Pawling circle (presumably because the center of the circle is just over the border in New York).  So, the SBC download only includes 7 of the 8 Connecticut circles.  If anyone can provide kml code for the remaining circle, please let me know.