Events - Block Busting

As the atlas project develops we anticipate organizing a number of "block-busting" events, in which a group of birders get together over a 2- or 3-day period to target a set of blocks that have received little coverage.

These events will be especially helpful in the later years of the project, when we know which areas lack coverage. There is, however, no reason why interested birders cannot start planning their own block-busting right away. Focusing on parts of the state where relatively few people go birding is especially helpful.

Block-busting events can be formally organized affairs, or they can just be something a small group of people decide to do on their own. One option is for a birding club to organize a block-busting event as part of their field trip schedule.

Another is for an individual to volunteer to organize an event in their local area and coordinate volunteers to cover a group of blocks. If you are interested in organizing an event like this, please let us know by sending an email to, and we can help identify blocks that we need help with and provide advice on other logistical issues.

As we hear about block-busting events, we will post information here and distribute it via the atlas mailing list.