Surveys - Regional Coordinators

Regional coordinators

To simplify project management, the state has been subdivided into eight regions, each with approximately the same number of blocks. Each region has a local volunteer coordinator to help manage data collection in that region. After you request a block to survey you will hear from the regional coordinator for that region.

Regional coordinators will be a useful point of contact for questions about which blocks need extra work or about the field protocols. They are all knowledgeable birders who will also be able to answer questions about especially unusual sightings.

The eight regions are shown by the different colors on the map below. Coordinators are listed clockwise (starting top-left on the map):

Buzz Devine (Northwest - turquoise)
Sara Zagorski (North-central - light green)
Steve Morytko (Northeast - dark green)
Dave Provencher (Southeast - light blue)
Melissa Baston (Southeast-central - red)
Steve Broker (Southwest-central - orange)
Frank Mantlik (Southwest - dark blue)
Ken Elkins (West-central - purple)