Surveys - Rare observations

Reporting rare records

During your field work, you may find a species that is rare in Connecticut, is a rare breeder in the state, or you might find evidence for a more common species breeding in an unusual habitat or outside its normal breeding dates (see information on safe dates). Records of rare species or usual sightings are particularly important to the project because they may represent changes in where species occur and may provide information that is helpful for conservation. Consequently, we need to document these reports especially carefully both to verify each record and to ensure there is good documentation for the historical record.

Records of the rarest species should be reported to the Connecticut Ornithological Association’s Avian Records Committee. For a list of which species the ARCC reviews, go here.

We have also developed a Rare Reports Form specifically for the atlas project. Please use this form if you find breeding evidence for a species that is marked with an asterisk or missing from the Breeding Season Field Card, or if you find a species during Nov-Feb field work that is marked with an asterisk or missing from the Winter Field Card. Supply as much detail as you can.

Once you have completed the Rare Reports Form, please submit it to your Regional Coordinator or as quickly as possible. Doing this right away will enable members of the atlas team to follow-up and verify the sighting before the bird is gone.