Data Forms

Please submit all data forms in a timely manner, ideally at least monthly (rare reports forms should be sent as soon as possible after a sighting). We recommend that you make a copy (e.g., a scan) before you send them in. Information on where to send data sheets can be found here.

Breeding Season Field Card. Use this form whenever you visit a block during the breeding season with a plan to spend time surveying it. Fill out a new field card on every visit and record all species, along with the strongest evidence for nesting, seen on that visit. For more information on how to complete the field card go here. If you prefer to submit data via eBird, follow the previous link for instructions.

Incidental Breeding Observation Form. Use this form to report records obtained while going about your day-to-day activities, or when not doing formal atlas surveys. For more information on how to report incidental breeding observations (including instructions for submitting these observations via eBird, if you prefer that method), go here.

Rare Reports Form. Use this form to provide supporting information for all reports of rare species, or species found breeding in unusual habitat or outside their expected breeding period. For more information on when to use this form, go here.

Nest Location Form. Use this form to provide specific coordinates for the exact location of nests that you find. Submitting this information is optional but having exact locations will allow us to better understand the specific habitat nests of nesting birds.

Volunteer Effort Form PDF. Use this form to provide information about the time and mileage you invest in the atlas. This information is extremely important as it helps to match the grant funding that we are using to pay for the project. For more information on how to use this form, go here.

Data forms for non-breeding surveys will be added to this page later in the summer.