Surveys - Data Effort

Volunteer Form Instructions

Thank you so much for volunteering to assist in the CT Bird Atlas Project!! By helping to collect the vital data for this Project, you are taking ownership of the Project, and we can’t thank you enough!!

An integral part of this Project is documenting the time and effort that is being spent to collect all of this great data. Because of where the money came to fund this Project, it is critical that we are able to document all the time spent on this Project. Particularly because we do get audited, and if we can’t authenticate our claims, bad things will happen!

So to that end, we need you to use the Volunteer Form and document the mileage and time you spend, each day that you are out birding for the Project. The mileage and time are from the moment you leave your house until you get back home. To make it less cumbersome, you can account for multiple days on the same sheet, just make sure that you clearly date each entry. Each sheet must be signed, however!!

Completed forms should be sent or emailed on a monthly basis to:

CT Bird Atlas c/o Min Huang
CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection
391 RT 32
N. Franklin CT 06254