Atlas update handout

Recently, 50-60 atlas volunteers gathered at Hammonasset State Park for our second annual volunteer appreciation event.  At the gathering, we discussed data collection so far, as well as plans for the upcoming winter atlas field season.  Beforehand, Min Huang compiled a handout that summarizes much of the data collected so far.  For those who were unable to attend, that handout can be seen here.

As always, the data in the handout come with numerous caveats.  Most importantly, not all data that has been submitted has been entered yet.  Almost all data submitted via eBird should be reflected in the maps and graphs included, but data submitted on paper or via email during summer 2019 will not appear yet.  After the event, I also realized that a subset of the data from winter 2018-19 have not yet been finalized, so there will also be omissions in some of the winter maps.  We will prioritize getting these winter data up-to-date over the next couple of weeks so that everyone knows what species have been seen in each block prior to the start of the second winter field season on 1st November.

Preliminary estimates of the number of breeding species recorded in each atlas block during 2018-19.  Some data remain to be added, so estimates are incomplete and we expect additions to made to some blocks.